the devil in a sweet, sweet kiss (jorajo) wrote in howie_daily,
the devil in a sweet, sweet kiss

I'm overdosing in you.

Yesterday on the way to work I listened to a show with the full band. It wasn't what I really wanted to listen to, so on the way to work this morning, I decided to pop in a solo show. I have a show from 2000, then Electric Factory, and Shippensburg burned onto cds. I have listened to Electric Factory so much that I thought maybe I needed something different. And by different, I mean depressing. So I put in Shippensburg, which I have not been able to listen to since I downloaded it back in, you know, April. I've heard a few songs from the show and knew it was of excellent quality and that I would want to beat the guy yelling "AFRICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" senseless.

The best line I've heard from the show so far:

"Someone just yelled 'I love crack.' That's knowledge. Did you read that in a book?"


Howie. Has. Fucked up. Hair.

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His perfect piano posture cracks my shit up. But I love it when he sits at the piano. Because you know, that ass....

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