the devil in a sweet, sweet kiss (jorajo) wrote in howie_daily,
the devil in a sweet, sweet kiss

You get home, you drink.

Back from Anaheim. Last night was amazing. The entire weekend was amazing. The whole last week was unbelievable. But that's beside the point.

Um, highlights from last night? I can't even think. So exhausted. This is what the sheet of paper I was writing the setlist on says:

8-13-05 Anaheim
Brown-Eyed Girl tease
Tell Me
She Says (stupid girl)
Crowded House
End of Our
Be Tere


So obviously his stomach looked nice. It was an awesome, amazing time. I'm not even going to try to explain it in detail because it wouldn't do the night justice. Let's just say it was probably one of the most magical and best nights of my life.

I'm drinking. And trying to catch up on email. And...word. I have pictures and video from both San Francisco and Anaheim but I have to find an easy way to get it off without buying that hella expensive cable to hook it up to my computer.

Drunken rambling.

Also, sorry to Kat for the drunk phone calls last night. You know, I was sober before we even got into the building. And drinks were fucking expensive, so I was sober the entire show. Fucking hell. :)

Edit: Though this is Howie related, most of you will find this story amusing. Anna Nalick and her band (and all her friends) were wearing hats for Anna's friend Jan, who has cancer. Apparently Tim, Anna's bassist, had been given the plastic mouse ears but refused to wear them and somehow, they got torn up. Anna tossed one of the ears into the crowd and guess who got it? Yep. Me. Then Anna talked about how she doesn't like to throw things into the crowd anymore because she hits people in the face. It made me laugh. So I have a mouse ear.
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