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Below is our big scary disclaimer. Read it or die.

The content of this community can, at times, reach adult levels. Those under the age of 18 are advised to proceed with caution. Again, some of the content in this community is graphic because we have dirty, dirty minds. If you think your parents will be upset about your participation or membership in this community, I would strongly encourage you to step away immediately.

This is not a community for fans of Britney Spears, so stop requesting a membership. We're elitest and won't accept you.

This is the end of our big scary disclaimer. Thank you for reading.

howie_daily is a community dedicated to Howie Day. We post pictures daily and then spend hours discussing things that are better left for the speakeasy down the street. We have fun, we go too far, and we give Howie the ego boost he really doesn't need.

We do have a few rules, so read those and then join in the fun!

1. If you post pictures that aren't yours, try to name the source and/or photographer.
2. No bashing other members, as tempting as it might be.
3. Introduce yourself if you're a new member or lurker. If we don't know who you are, we can't lure you over to the dark side.
4. Pictures, wallpaper, icons, rare/live mp3s, articles, Howie sightings, OMG I TOTALLY MET HOWIE OMGWTF!!##!@$@#@#%@#@#$!!!$!$, setlists, etc. are entirely welcome.
5. No non-Howie-related community promoting, no non-Howie-related content and definitely no random, pointless surveys.
6. Again, if you are under 18, proceed with caution. Some of us are old and perverted and we don't want you getting into trouble.
7. Enjoy!

Any questions can be directed to me at madrigals at gmail dot com.
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