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"In the morning, I have Cap'n Lobster Crunch..."

Words cannot describe the insanity that was last night's show. Howie was tanked. And a hilarious drunk. I can't even think right now to write a full review because I've had about four hours of sleep and am at work and trying to not tell everyone how incredible the show was.

Perfect Time of Day
Sunday Morning Song
Numbness for Sound
Brace Yourself
She Says
Don't Dream It's Over
End of Our Days
Hey Jude (partial)
Be There
Collide (w/Missy Higgins)
Africa (partial)
You & A Promise

A few highlights:
* Jaime and Laurie walking by us while we were outside in line.
* Seeing Howie before the show in the balcony talking to someone.
* Seeing Matt Nathanson outside Howie's dressing room.
* Howie telling the fanthings to chill out because "You I'm going to fucking play Collide. When you have one hit song, you have to play it."
* "Swing into flight, over San Francisco at the Fillmore..."
* Howie singing about lobsters during She Says. (We vaguely remember it as "Why it's so funny that I've got a lobster..."
* "I eat Cap'n Lobster Crunch for breakfast. At lunch I have a lobster roll, obviously. With lots of butter. And for dinner, I have lobster again. With the bib with the picture of a lobster on it so you want to eat more."
* Howie going into Hey Jude for half a verse, then the crowd continuing the song until he decided to play it (best sing-along ever).
* "This is a cool crowd. That's because San Francisco is kind of an artisty place. I could live here...I'm just afraid of the shaking (starts shaking and wobbling around). I'm from Maine. We just freeze to death. I wish there would be an earthquake during a really intense part of the show. (crowd barely responds, then begins booing) Not a big one! I don't want the chandeliers to fall or anything bad to happen. (crowd continues heckling Howie) (to Jay) I guess that isn't something you should joke about here. (maniacal laughter)"
* "I have an alcoholic beverage here."
* "I remember my first beer."
* "They're all drinking water. I'm drinking vodka..."
* Howie climbing onto the amp at least three times.
* Howie jumping off the amp like a total rockstar.
* Howie kicking beer and water all over the fanthings. Accidentally.
* Longest version of Don't Dream It's Over.
* Tim interrupting Howie's ramble to start End of Our Days. "Tim says, 'Shut up, Howie!'"
* Howie being so distracted that he kept having to run to the mic or fumble around to get his capo on in time.
* Howie making the capo talk to us.
* Matt Nathanson in the balcony watching the show.
* Vance coming out to plug in Howie's guitar at the encore. "Give it up for Vance McNabb. (Vance flails and runs away) I can't even be trusted to plug in my own guitar."
* Rowdy insane You & A Promise.
* A guy screaming AFRICAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! when they came out for the encore and Howie actually playing it.
* Howie trying to tune his guitar before Collide because "It has to sound good because this girl in front has been fucking requesting this song all night long."

I can't think of anything else right now. It was so madly, madly insane. Incredible show.

Sorry for the quality. I took them with my phone.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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Image hosted by
The Fillmore designs a sign for every show they have and this is Howie's. Hence all the lobster talk.

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God, I hope there was a taper. I have got to hear this show!

Also, the second picture? Beautiful. He looks so... wee.

And I want that poster. That's awesome!

That sounds like the best show ever!
Kat, he was wearing white tennis shoes. It was *adorable* We were like, ten feet from the stage and there was no barricade, so we were right.there. And I kept looking at his wee little feet. :)

He looked so damn good. He had that little chub going on. And he had acne. And his hair was so.fluffy. And his hands are so beautiful. He's SO WHITE. (How many times can I say 'so'?) Every now and then, when the light was right, you could see the little hairs on his arms.